Monday, May 3, 2010

Steam punk drawing, the concept was completely random because i couldn't come up with any ideas for this project, so i got frustrated and burned holes in it and tore off the edges which worked out to be a happy move. I had a hard week when I drew this so i tried to make the image grotesque. I am happy with the value work, but the image feels empty to me because it doesn't have much meaning.
Perspective cartoon, using pen and ink. Inspired by demotivational posters..
This piece is the bio mechanical genre. I blackened the page with charcoal, and used and eraser to draw. Then i worked up the grays and whites.
This drawing is influenced by the tribal art style. Which uses bold black lines, creating a flat and cave painting look. This piece was inspired by the song "Outside My Backdoor" by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
In my drawing class i was required to make a life size self portrait. After using charcoal for the the first half of the semester then switching to color, I struggled with the pastels. It was hard for me not to try to blend the pastels which would cause them to muddy up. The image shows my life cycle of growing then decaying and blowing away in the wind. I wanted to try to capture time, how quickly life is lived and how chaotic and energetic the experience is. I am fascinated with the thought of not existing, then existing, then not existing, which is becoming the theme of a lot of my work.

This piece was influenced by the rave subculture. Since I have never been to a rave it made it difficult to find inspiration at first. I decided to draw my interpretation of a rave based on my research. Raves appear very chaotic and sexual. So i tried to use bright colors to represent the flashing lights and bright clothing. I tore the paper and sewed it together to show the confusion and separation from reality from the use of ecstasy. The bee and pollen represent the sexual expression. The figure exhaling the pollen emphasizes the confusion underlying the event.